Shop Fox M1112 Review: Best Gunsmithing Lathe Ever?

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Charles Wilson

Please note that the Shop Fox M1112 has been discontinued. If you would like to choose another gunsmithing lathe, I recommend you check out my other article: Best Metal Lathes.

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Hey there fellas, welcome to another episode. It’s my second personal review where I will be talking about The Mighty M1112 version of Shop Fox.

I will try to make it very clear and easy so you can really get something outta here before spending your money. So let’s give it a shot without any further lecture.

Shop Fox M1112 is a heavy-duty, heavy-weight, and price-heavy lathe with awesome capabilities that can rock your world. The lathe is designed and manufactured as a precious and majestically magnificent device.

This is a gunsmith’s best friend, as its operation is so focused on precision that gunsmiths just fell in love with its overall output.

The auto-off function is there not only to save your electricity bill but also to make sure that you refill it with clean water every time you need it. Letting it run with an empty tank does no good to the baby’s health so this is an important feature to check for.

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Shop Fox M1112 12-Inch by 36-Inch Gunsmithing Lathe

As I have mentioned before, the Shop Fox M1112 is a very precision-centric device. The sole purpose of its existence is to provide professionals with super-quality metal turning with an astonishing output overall.

Notable features it holds are

  • The amazing speed-turning levels
  • Vibration elimination of the device
  • A Tailstock that is movable and its high precision bearings
  • Despite being a huge lathe, the feature added is top of the line
  • The included light in the machine.

Heavy Constructions

shop fox m1112

As you are paying a premium price for the lathe, you are going to get premium stuff also. I have seen many expensive lathes before, and a few of them don’t seem to give service as the product description says.

However, such is not the case for the Shop Fox M1112 though. All of the parts of the lathe are precisely held together giving us a solid structure out of the box, no tacky feeling I mean. The construction of the base is made with an iron cast which gives a vibration-free metal turning experience.

The Lathe weighs around 1,251 lbs. Which is a downside as it can not be moved around to places.

Variable Speed

Shop Fox has a variable range of speed for the user’s top priority. The user can just get the speed of the spindle as he/she desires for the metal turning. The skillsets you have for the metal turning will be provided exactly by the lathe with proper and accurate speed controls. Speeds range from RPM: 70, 200, 220, 270, 360, 600, 800, 1000 and lastly 1400 RPM.

The lathe will be providing you with more speed as you want on your lathe, the appropriate tuning speed for the job.

Quick Changing Tool Post

Shop Fox M1112 offers a Quick change toolpost that makes it easy to change out tools which ultimately helps in the operation of the lathe itself. And, the tool post included features that have a piston-like mechanism that this one tool holder.

The Carriage handwheel helps to move around the carriage along the bed. Ergonomically held, the handwheel is to give a maxed-out personalization of the lathe work and manual controls for the user. There is also a Cross slide and a compound handwheel in the lathe.

The Slide is moved toward and away from work with the help of the cross slide. And the Compound handwheel helps to move around the position of the cutting tools relative to the workpiece. The slides can be adjustable to any angle and create precision adjustments.

Halcyon Work-light

In the Shop Fox M1112, there is a halcyon work light is added. Shop Fox listens to the consumers for having an uninterrupted metal turning experience. Are you working in the dark or your store having inadequate light for the operations? Not to worry anymore, the Shop Fox has got you covered.

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Metric, Standard Threads, and Standard Equipment

To get the gear changes of the Shop Fox M1112, there are 29 different metric thread cuts. The art is all in pristine shape out of the box. And it is packed nicely for a greater representation of the company Shop Fox.

Also, I am going to be mentioning all the standard equipment of the lathe. Which are:

  • A 6 inch 3-Jaw Chuck with sets of two jaw
  • Follow rest
  • Quick change toolbox
  • Two MT #3 dead centers
  • One MT #3 live centers
  • Six sets of change gears and ½ inch drill chuck with MT#3 arbor
  • Quick Change Toolpost
  • 10-inch faceplate and
  • Steady rest


  • Constructed with Iron cast resulting in a 100% vibration-free experience all the time.
  • Variable Speed control of 70 Rpm to 1400 rpm.
  • To get more precision points, the tailstock can be manually tweaked for the consumer’s preference.
  • The Shop Fox M1112 has a quick change tool post that helps to change out tools in a fast and easier way.
  • Are you working in the dark? Not a problem anymore. The lathe provides a built-in light for better light in the workstation.


  • The hefty size is a bit on the disadvantageous side of things because moving it around is a hassle.
  • Not meant for beginners in the industries.
  • The price of the lathe is relatively higher than other lathes in the market.

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Frequently Asked question

Question: Since it is a lathe for the gunsmiths and variable speed is available, could you tell me what speed does it have?
The Shop Fox M1112 ensures to have a Speed of 70 to 1400 RPM.

Question: What is the dimension of the device?
The Dimension of the Shop Fox M1112 is 66 X 50 X30 inches.

Question: Does it have any sort of Warranty or Guaranty?
Yes, the Shop Fox will allow having a two-year warranty after the sales of the product.

Question: What is the size of the Spindle Bore?
The size of the spindle bore is 1.57inches.

Final Words

The conclusion is, you are going to get the exact premium service for the premium price you are going to spend. Well, it will be an onetime investment for your professional life. The invested money will come back within a few days with good results.

Also keep in mind that, this is not a beginner level lathe in any direction. A professional lathe handler or a gunsmith can only control the device with proper utilization.

Keep in mind that it is a lathe that falls under the more substantial category with a whopping 1251 pounds, so moving it around won’t be that easy. My advice would be to keep the machine in a well-lit (if not still, its fine, as this lathe has its light features) room, where you can easily mobilize.

I hope my Shop Fox review would be helpful for you in your future purchasing decision.