9 Best Full-Size Carbide Turning Tools: With Pros and Cons

Last Updated on December 17, 2021 by Charles Wilson

If you’re a beginning woodturner or just thinking of getting into the craft, you’ve probably heard about carbide woodturning tools.

Now, what you’ve heard is hard to predict because the internet sometimes can be contradicting.

So, I’ll try to clear up some of the misunderstandings regarding the carbide tools and then list down some of the best full-size carbide turning tools in the business.

Now, full-size carbide cutters provide incredible leverage and control. They are designed to remove large amounts of wood safely without having to stop and sharpen. In addition, the long handle gives you more support while turning a piece.

All the tools I have reviewed here are more than 12” in length in the handle. The top picks are a combination of 6, 4, and 3 pieces of toolsets.

Check the whole article down to the bottom so you don’t miss anything.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. This means no extra cost to you. I will only promote products that give the best value.

What are carbide woodturning tools?

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Woodturning tools generally fall into two main categories. First, you’ve got cutting tools and then scraping tools.

These carbide cutters or carbide tools are basically scrapers. A carbide tool has a steel shaft, but unlike the HSS, it has a little blade that can be replaced.

So, all you need to do if it gets blunt, you take one of these little keys, and you can firstly just loosen the nut or the bolt and rotate the blade to a sharper area.

Once the tip is blunt all around, you unscrew it and take a new one and replace it, so you’ve always got a sharp tip. Therefore, all that time you spend sharpening the tools with HSS is not needed anymore.

What are the types of carbide woodturning tools?

There are typically four types of carbide turning tools you will see in the market-

"Five types of carbide woodturning tools explained"
  • Rougher- the inserts are Square
  • Finisher- round inserts
  • Detailer- radius diamond inserts
  • Swan Neck Hollower- also round inserts

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And about the insert/tips, you might see them in 5 different shapes-

  • Square
  • Radius Square
  • Round
  • Rounded point diamond
  • Sharp diamond

Differences between carbide tools vs traditional HSS tools

The primary difference between carbide and HSS tools is that carbide tools are mainly scrapers, whereas the traditional gouges are for cutting woods.

Now, you need to understand the differences between cutting and scraping.

When you are cutting, you are getting the bevel support of a leading edge. The bevel is preventing the wood from being torn that’s getting cut.

Whereas when you’re scraping, you’re only scratching the surface to remove the unwanted parts off of the wood.

And so, you might end up with a junky finish without that bevel support. So, the big difference between traditional woodturning tools and carbide tools is that you can send ribbons flying across the room when you’re cutting with traditional gauges.

Traditional tools take a bit more practice and a bit more knowledge to know how to use them perfectly. But once you put in the time and the homework and gain that knowledge and put in the time to practice, then using traditional gouges can be gratifying. You can achieve a nice clean finish by removing a whole lot of wood really quick.

Now, it’s very easy when you’re cutting with carbide tools. Because it doesn’t take a whole lot of practice to learn how to use them. You can get to the shape immediately.

But don’t get overexcited cause at times, it might take a little bit longer for you to hone the skills with carbide too.

9 Best Full-Size Carbide Woodturning Tool Reviews

Time to get to the main part that you may be waiting for. What are some of the best options out in the woodturning industry.

As I mentioned earlier that each of them has a minimum 12″ long handle. So here goes my selection of these beautiful carbide cutters set.

Wolltex carbide lathe tools (6 Pieces)

Wood Turning tool set Carbide Tipped Lathe Tools Finisher/ (6pcs Bar+1pc Interchangeable Handle) carbide lathe tools for wood,carbide woodturning tools (multicolored)
28 Reviews
Wood Turning tool set Carbide Tipped Lathe Tools Finisher/ (6pcs Bar+1pc Interchangeable Handle) carbide lathe tools for wood,carbide woodturning tools (multicolored)
  • WOOD TURNING TOOL KIT 17pcs Bar+4pc Interchangeable Handle + 12 Wood Turning carbide Cutters.
  • CARBIDE TURNING TOOL SET PROFESSIONAL will detail effortlessly massive amounts of carpenterwood.
  • CARBIDE LATHE TOOLS FOR WOOD Easy to use greatly simplified learning curving when turning
  • You can begin turning as soon as your CARBIDE SET arrives because each tool comes with a very sharp
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. YOU as our customer are the most important thing to us and our team will answer all your questions and complaints about this product.

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Since today’s woodworkers demand accuracy, a reliable turning tool is indispensable. With the Woltex carbide set, you can confidently slice through any project materials like butter with the sharp edge of every blade and carver included in this set.

You get everything you need in one kit that includes 17 pc Bar, 4 pc Interchangeable Handle and 12 Wood Turning Carbide Cutters.

This is one of the most versatile sets of turning tools suited for beginners, novice woodturners, as well as expert carpenters looking to try a new hobby.

It’s amazing that how easy it is to turn products with such a great set of turning tools. Woodturning will never be the same!

The carbide cutters are sharp and stay that way. You only have to swap out the cutter, not replace an entire set of tools, when they get dull.

The blades last a long time too; you can use them for years before needing a fresh one.


Quality assurance, easy-to-use, beginner-friendly. Can perform on any project from bowl to spindle to hollow forms. It’s also nice that there are several different sizes of cutters in the kit so it will work with most turning projects from medium-size bowls to large tables legs or other furniture pieces.

This is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for new woodturning tools!

Asieg Carbide Tipped Turning tools set (6 Pieces)

Carbide Tipped Woodturning Tool 9pcs chise set Lathe Full Size Rougher Finisher Detailer Swan Neck Hollower Parting Tools Set of 7 and 2 Interchangeable Aluminum All
  • Replaceable Handle:Match 2pcs black aluminum alloy handle. Of course, you can also DIY the handle you like
  • Material: aluminum alloy, STAINLESS STEEL, Tungsten Carbide
  • Mid Size Tool Details: CNC machined from square STAINLESS STEEL, making them stronger, stiffer and less likely to roll than round shaft tools, Features a square shaft so the flat back can be kept flat on the tool rest and level with the floor
  • Indexable Replacement carbide insert design: matched with Carbide Insert, Indexable give you fresh edge for maximum cutter life
  • Easy to use: greatly simplified learning curving when turning, No complicated angles to learn and remember, For all skill levels woodworking enthusiast or DIY

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As you can see, the Asieg carbide tools are a bit pricy but they have their reason. I mean you’re getting 7 pieces of carbide tips with two aluminum alloy handles.

So, basically, you are getting every single type of cutters here.

The set will include two pieces of Rougher, two pieces of finishers, one Detailer, one hollower, a single piece of Parting and Grooving tool and lastly two pieces of Handle.

As I have already mentioned the useability of the cutters, so I am not repeating it.

The parting and grooving tool will provide a sharper effect and longer service life. You can find the replacement cutters in their store.

Lastly, I would say that this is one of the 6 pieces set that has got literally zero worse/bad reviews from its users. I haven’t found any critical reviews online or anywhere, to be honest.

YUFUTOL Carbide Wood Turning toolset (6 Pieces)

YUFUTOL Wood Turning tool set Carbide Tipped Lathe Tools Finisher/Rougher/Detailer/Hollower(6pcs Bar+1pc Interchangeable Handle) With Carbide Inserts and Screws and Wrench
  • Designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and level to the floor, the YUFUTOL Finisher/Rougher/Detailer will effortlessly hog away massive amounts of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening,for wood hobbyist or DIY or carpenter
  • Dimension and Material:Tool Bar 9.25"(235mm) ,Head 0.59"(15mm), Overall length 9.84"(250mm),diameter 0.472"(12mm);Tool bar-CNC machined High carbon steel,increase the stability and shock resistance
  • Indexable Replacement carbide insert design:matched with Carbide Cutter (2 pcs Square14 × 14 × 2.0mm,2pcs Square 15×15×2.5mm-R50,4pcs Round 12 × 2.5mm-30°,2pcs Round 16×3mm,2pcs Diamond 10×28mm with Radius Point)
  • Interchangeable Handle:black aluminum alloy handle(290mm*26mm).
  • Easy to use:greatly simplified learning curving when turning,No complicated angles to learn and remember,For all skill levels woodworking enthusiast or DIY

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Yufutol can deal with any woodturning job without the need for sharpening, and work on a variety of surfaces at all skill levels. These tools come with a creative and practical edge to cut down on time and maintain your sanity!

No complicated angles to learn or remember, just simple curves. I’d always recommend them for their easy-to-clean sustainable materials.

These tools are CNC machined from high carbon steel. So, it’s sturdy and long-lasting. Besides the construction is simple to use with the three interchangeable heads that are all angled in different directions; you don’t need any complicated angles to learn.

Like other quality carbide tools, this one also comes with indexable replaceable carbide inserts. You’ll have-

  • One 12×2.5mm Hollower Tool Round
  • 2 pieces round Finisher Tool of 12×2.5mm and 16x3mm dimension.
  • 2 pieces Square Rougher Tool of 14x2mm and 15×2.5mm-R50.
  • One Detailer tool (diamond with radius)
  • And a interchangeable black aluminum alloy handle of 290mm*26mm.

The set will also include few accessories like- T15 and T20 key wrenches, one Allen key wrench and an adjustable wrench.


Be careful when turning reverse with your wood lathe. The handle may become unscrewed sometimes. This can be very dangerous.

Also, as these tools come with only one handle, so it might get a bit frustrating changing every time you want to use different cutters. This is not a big issue as 6 handles would be more costly. So think of the money you’re saving here.

For the money, this carbide set will serve you great.

VINWOX Carbide Turning Tool Set (4 Pieces)

VINWOX 20" Full Size 4 PCS Carbide Wood Lathe Turning Tool Set, Carbide Lathe Turning Tool, Carbide Turning Tool, Including Rougher, Finisher, Square Radius, Detailer
  • PRESS ✅PROMOTION or ✅EXTRA SAVING FOR FREE GIFT! The VINWOX Carbide Turning Tools are designed with ease of use in mind. It is ideal for wood turners of all skill levels and helps ensure success right from the start. The VINWOX Carbide Lathe Tools eliminate the need for sharpening of your turning tools since it features a rotatable cutter head. Start your easy wood turning on your Wood Lathe with VINWOX Carbide Turning tools now
  • 10mm Straight Square Steel Shank
  • Including One set Replaceable Carbide Tip Insert installed on chisel. Rougher: 11.1x11.1x1.75mm 4 sided Square Shape Carbide Tip. Finisher: 12mm Diameter Round Shape Carbide Tip. Detailer: 28x10mm Diamond shape Carbide Tip. Peach Square Radius: 11.3x11.3x1.75mm with 4 sided 2" Arc Square Radius Carbide Tip. Blade images on product picture are only for Clear Vision.
  • 1/2/3/4 Indexed Carbide tip design always offer sharpest edge for turning and maximum cutting life
  • Top quality and Long cutting life Guaranteed

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VINWOX Carbide Turning Tools are crafted from high-quality carbide and steel with an electronically ground tip. The tools have been engineered to be one of the finest on the market, providing excellent performance among all of its features. This precision tool set is essential for every technician’s workshop.

As stated on the Amazon website, the set includes-

  • One 11.1×11.1×1.75mm 4 sided Square Shape Carbide Tipped rougher.
  • One 12mm Diameter Round Shape Carbide Tipped finisher.
  • One 28x10mm Diamond shape Carbide Tipped Detailer.
  • One Peach Square Radius of 11.3×11.3×1.75mm with 4 sided 2″ Arc Square Radius Carbide Tip.

This toolset is excellent for different projects such as bowls, pens, spindles, posts, or other large or small furniture in size.

In addition, the replaceable inserts mean never having to worry about re-sharpening again! Instead, you can rotate the tip of the old one out when it gets dull and move on to the new edge!

You can cut tenons, rough turning, outside curves or any heavy cuts precisely on the surface with the Carbide rougher that comes with the set.

The Finisher is mainly for general shaping and light finishing cuts. They are also perfect for inside curves and spindle coves.

There is a carbide detailer cutter, which is perfect for finishing touches as well as making small beads and coves. The sharp pointed tip allows you to cut chuck tenons and even roughing and finishing.

A precision radius cutter included in this set ensures crisp equalizing cuts inside smaller bowls, making pens or eggcups under 8” swings!

Overall the price is reasonable and I also liked the packaging inside a wooden case. One good thing is that the screws are Torx instead of Hex.


Now, bad shipping can damage the QC of the tool and you never know what’s going to happen during the delivery period.

There are negative reviews of the peach cutter being damaged, or the tools coming dull etc. But I think this can happen to anyone with any product. You need to contact the seller instantly after noticing such issues.

However, I want to be honest with one thing here that the weight of these tools is very light. Which can be a bit harder to control while turning a relatively big chunk.

Except for these, I think this is a great starter tool for anyone with a low budget.

Aogbra Carbide Tipped Wood Turning tools set (4 Pieces)

Carbide Tipped Wood Lathe Turning Tools Set, Latest Lathe Rougher Finisher Swan Neck Hollowing Tools and Interchangeable Aluminum Alloy Grip Handle with Diamond Round Square Carbide Inserts
  • OUR TURNING SYSTEM INCLUDES - (1) 11'' Tool Handle, (1) 9.8'' Handle Extension, (3) Carbide Cutter Tool Shafts (Circle, Square, Diamond), (1) Swan neck Carbide Cutter Hollowing Tool, (1) T15 Wrench, (1) Allen Wrench, (1) Aluminum Protective Case With Foam Insert.
  • MATERIAL - Tools are made with tungsten carbide tips for extended cutter life, stainless steel arbor for strength and durability, and aluminum oxide alloy handles for grip, comfort, and durability.
  • INDEXABLE CUTTER DESIGN – Indexable carbide cutter inserts can be rotated or replaced to provide a fresh cutting edge whenever needed, ( Click the "Aogbra Store" to order replace carbide cutter inserts when you need )
  • EASY TO USE – The variable length shaft design and carbide cutters are valuable to all skill levels of woodworkers. Carbide cutters allow both beginner and experienced turners to quickly start projects by reducing the learning curve associated with traditional turning tools.
  • TOOL DETAILS – Tool shafts are CNC machined from square high carbon steel, making them strong and solid in the hand. The square shaft profile helps keep the tool flat on the tool rest and level with the floor, making them less likely than round shaft tools to roll and shift while on the tool rest.

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The Aogbra Wood Turning Tools Set contains a variety of shapes and sizes in all three carbide tips so that you can tackle any project with skill, expertise, and confidence. This presentation storage box also comes with a T15 wrench for easy installation when you’re ready!

The toolset includes an 11” shank, 9.8” extension, one gooseneck hollow turning tool of 8.3”, aluminium shafts with stainless steel bar & carbide cutting head of a circle, square or diamond each.

The aluminum handle features an anti-vibration grip that absorbs vibration for more control when turning wood pieces on the lathe. This prevents hand fatigue from vibrations caused by cutting on rough materials.

It also has a tool-less front chuck system to quickly change carbide cutter shafts in seconds – just unscrew the collet from one end of the handle and screw it into another!

One of the most important features and usabilities is that you don’t have to worry about sharpening your carbide tip when it gets dull, just flip it over to work with a new edge! This only takes seconds, and it makes working with this tool so much easier.


The bevel-up carbides are indeed an excellent set of tools. But it’s essential to understand the measurements they use. They list these as being 12mm-14mm thick when in reality, they are 10mm-3/8” thick.

This is a big difference and will make some turnings impossible with this size blade if you want to cut out anything larger than 8”.

I also noticed another complaint – there aren’t many places that sell replacement blades for this brand. You’ll have to do a lot of digging through different sites just find one company that has them at all, let alone the exact size you need. It would be easier for everyone if they were more honest about the sizes.

Asieg Carbide tools set (4 Pieces)

Carbide Tipped Wood Turning tools set Lathe Rougher Finisher Detailer Swan Neck Hollower Tools and Interchangeable Aluminum Alloy Grip Handle with Diamond Round Square Carbide Inserts AT04
  • Material: aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide.You can find a set matching replacement carbide tips in our Amazon store
  • Mid Size Tool Details: CNC machined from square Stainless Steel, making them stronger, stiffer and less likely to roll than round shaft tools, Features a square shaft so the flat back can be kept flat on the tool rest and level with the floor
  • Replaceable Handle:Match 1pcs black aluminum alloy handle. Of course, you can also make the handle by DIY
  • Indexable Replacement carbide insert design: matched with Carbide Insert, Indexable give you fresh edge for maximum cutter life
  • Easy to use: greatly simplified learning curving when turning, No complicated angles to learn and remember, For all skill levels woodworking enthusiast or DIY,Every tool is beautifully coated for durability

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Turn your rough cuts into a fine finish with ease using ASIEG Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tools Set! With lightweight aluminum alloy Construction, these tools offer an easy balance and help provide the user with more control over long periods.

In addition, the full-tang blades are made from Tungsten Carbide for increased durability. They come in several different thicknesses to suit any application.

The features make it stronger, stiffer and less likely to roll than round shaft tools. These mid-size woodturners are CNC machined from square Stainless Steel, so the flat back can be kept level with the floor when in use. Features a matching 1 pcs black aluminum alloy handle for strength during extended heavy use or DIY periods.

The Asieg Carbide Tipped Wood Turning tools set offers a lifetime edge. This stick-shaped tool is the perfect tool for beginners to experience the joys of woodturning and advance turners looking for a fresh edge.

In addition, you’ll be able to find replacement products on Amazon in their store.

The rough turning bar has 14mm square carbide inserts, while the finisher bar offers a 16 mm round carbide insert, and details bars offer 12mm round carbides inserts on each end with a variety of diameters (7/8” or 1”) as your needs change across various types of working pieces.

In addition, the Swan Neck Hollower Bar contains an 18 mm Square Carbide Insert, providing relief when cutting large bowls from scrap stock.


To be honest, I haven’t found any bad reviews from the users who bought it online.

However, you’re welcome to do your research, though—best of luck.

Savannah – 7586 Carbide Turning Tool (3 Pieces)

Savannah - 7586 Carbide Turning Tool Large Size (3 Piece Set - All 3 Turning Tools) Includes Diamond Shape, Round and Square Turning Tools With Comfort Grip Handles, Three Tool Set
  • Easy wood turning on your lathe with Savannah Carbide Turning tools. The Savannah Large Carbide Turning Tools are designed with ease of use in mind. It is ideal for wood turners of all skill levels and helps ensure success right from the start. The Savannah Carbide turning tools eliminate the need for sharpening of your turning tools since it features a rotatable cutter head.
  • All you have to do is rotate the the cutter head for a clean, sharp edge and continue turning. The solid carbide stays sharper for a longer period of time in comparison to steel tools. Once the cutter head is completely used, simply replace it with a new carbide cutter.
  • To make turning even more enjoyable, the shaft of the Savannah Carbide Turning Tool also features a flat back for stability while your turning. The solid wood ash handle is coated with a comfortable rubber grip on the base that transitions to the wooden top part of the handle seamlessly.
  • The comfortable rubber grip helps reduce hand fatigue while turning. Handle length is approximately 13-1/2” from the end to the stainless steel ferrule. With the Savannah Large Carbide Turning Tool, you can get right to turning without all the fuss.
  • Set includes the Large Round (# 7537), Square (# 7538) and Diamond (# 7539) cutter tools. The round tool measures appx. 6-9/16" from the tip of the cutter to the ferrule, the square tool measures appx. 6-9/16" from the tip of the cutter to the ferrule and the diamond shaped tool measures appx. 6-5/8" from the tip of the cutter to the ferrule

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The Savannah 3 Piece Carbide Turning Toolset is great for woodturners of all skill levels. The twisting can use these three tools to cut through hardwoods, softwoods, ply, acrylic and inlace acrylester securely and efficiently.

The solid 13½” wood ash handle is comfortable to hold and, with the rubber grip, reduces hand fatigue. You have one diamond-shaped tool measuring about 6 5/8” with the diamonds faced up, one round tool that measures approximately 6-9/16”, and square radius at 6-9/16”.

The handles are more than just convenient because they also provide stability while also being ergonomic. So whether your turning hobby is weekend labour or you’re a professional right out of school—these tools will snatch your satisfaction.

Lavishing in our craftsmanship, these three sets of turning tools are the perfect accessory for your workshop needs.

If you’re looking for a new set of tools, you can definitely rely on Savannah.


Beware of how they package it and be careful when removing the protective caps. I don’t know why it comes with black plastic caps instead of any wooden case or something. This can get very annoying.

As these are incredibly sharp at the tips, you may have difficulty removing/putting the caps on the tool. Don’t hurt your fingers.

Simple Woodturning Tools (3 Pieces)

Simple Woodturning Tools Carbide Wood Lathe Tools Hollower, Rougher, Detailer and Comfortable Foam Grip Handle, 26" Overall Length, USA Made, Stainless Steel
  • Benefits of Carbide Lathe Tools: Simple to use for all skill levels making woodturning fast and more enjoyable. You can focus on your project and not on techniques or sharpening. No long learning curve or expensive sharpening equipment. You can begin turning as soon as your box arrives because each tool comes with a very sharp, rotatable carbide cutter. Just rotate the cutter head ¼ turn for a clean, sharp edge and you are back to turning wood.
  • Tool Use: The Simple Turner & Hollower is the simplest to use carbide tool on the market. You’ll appreciate the simplicity with which your project can be quickly turned & hollowed to the desired shape using this tool. The Simple Rougher carbide tool makes roughing much simpler & less physical as most of the shock created by interrupted cuts is absorbed in the tool rest instead of your hands & arms. The Simple 55 Detailer carbide tool that provides a much higher level of woodturning creativity.
  • Handle Details: Premium quality solid aluminum, 100% USA made by American craftsman. CNC machined from aircraft aluminum for balance, durability, and to last for years. Covered with a soft, comfortable foam rubber grip to reduce hand cramping during long turning sessions and for great tool control. Overall length is 17"; outside diameter is 1 3/8"; tool opening is ½" diameter. Tools can be easily changed by loosening the two stainless steel set screws.
  • Full Size Tool Details: Premium quality CNC machined from ½” square stainless steel, making them stronger, stiffer and less likely to roll than round shaft tools. Stainless steel will never rust and will last for years. These professional full size tools feature an overall length of 12", with a handle tang of ½" diameter x 2½" length.
  • Tool Engraving: Each Simple Woodturning Tool is engraved so you know exactly what tool you have. That makes finding replacement cutters very simple! Look for authentic Simple Woodturning Tool replacement cutters. STH = Simple Turner and Hollower. SR = Simple Rougher. S55D = Simple 55° Detailer

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Simple Woodturning Tools is a family-owned CNC machining and manufacturing company in Minnesota, USA.

They are now available in 3 great sizes: the 9/16” diameter cutter, enough supplies to convert one tool to a variable-speed tool with a quick change speed dial.

If you know how to use your hands and want results without having to drill holes or make other modifications, then these quality carbide cutters are for you! They come fully assembled, so they are ready to go right out of the box.

With just a straight cut, you can turn 50% faster than traditional woodturning tools because of their unique cutting edge that cuts like butter and has no catches.

Set your workbench apart from all the rest! This 3-piece woodturning toolset includes a 90° square rougher, 9/16” diameter turner & hollower, and a 55° diamond detailer with a T15 and a T20 Torx star tip to rotate these cutters.

The CNC machined cutters are 1/2” wide solid stainless steel, which means they’ll stay sharp for as long as you need them to. Handle length is 17”.

Rustproof aluminum handle will last forever and stays cool to touch even after hours of use, so it’s great in high humidity environments too! Solid foam grip provides just the right amount of resistance without feeling too slippery.

Feel without limits and know no bounds with the purchase of our Simple Woodturning Tools Carbide Cutters. The perfect set for any aspiring woodturner, the high-grade stainless steel tools will effortlessly finish your next project with sharp detail and accuracy.

From rough cutting to finishing, these cutters will carve their way into the heart of anyone’s imagination to create images that become a reality before your very eyes.


Sometimes, the blade/tip gets dull too quickly. Besides, they only come with one handle, and it takes time to disconnect and change the blades. Also, having one handle could be a pain sometimes.

Except for that, I like this carbide set. They are genuinely satisfying and have great value for the money.

YUFUTOL Carbide Turning tool (3 Pieces)

Wood Turning tool Carbide Tipped Working Lathe Tools Combo Set Include Finisher Rougher Detailer For Pen Bowl Making,Set Of 3
  • Combo Set Include: 3 Pieces Wood Turning Tools(Mid Finisher/Rougher/Detailer),Carbide Insert Cutters And Allen Key
  • Dimension:Length of Tool Bar 5.91"(150mm) ,Length of wood handle:9.84"(250mm ),Overall length 15.75"(400mm)
  • Indexable Replacement carbide insert design:matched with Carbide Cutter (Square15×15 × 2.5mm-R50-30°,Round 12 × 2.5mm-30°,Diamond 10×28mm with Radius Point)
  • Designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and level to the floor, the YUFUTOL Finisher/Rougher/Detailer will effortlessly hog away massive amounts of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening,for wood hobbyist or DIY or carpenter
  • Easy to use:greatly simplified learning curving when turning,No complicated angles to learn and remember,For all skill levels woodworking enthusiast or DIY

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Another Yufutol is on the list, but this time it’s a set of three pieces carbide tools.

Matched with cutter indexable replacements, the tools are suited for all skill levels and desired angles. They are made from high carbon steel and finished in a durable tungsten carbide coating for long-term use.

This set is primarily for beginning woodturners so, they can start off on the right foot without paying a fortune.

The set combines three high-quality tools, including a diamond detailer, roughing out square tool, and round finisher.

They feature an indexable replacement carbide insert design that adapts to fit the different tasks you’re tackling each time. In addition, these replacements allow for easy wear and tear as well as fast insert changing.

So there’s no need to stop your project when you notice something has been overheated or broken down.

They also include an Allen key and carbides so that you can replace tips easily at any time.

The turning will be level to the ground when flat against the tool rest – perfect for those beginners who want everything nice and level while also being great for those more experienced craftsmen!

With the YUFUTOL, you can smoothly progress from roughing out your stock down to final finishing with our handy woodturning tools in just one set.


Turners often complain about bad quality controls from the company, which can sometimes be a pain in the “A”. You may experience the tools packaged with debris. This happens for poor cleaning after tapping and can cause low durabilities.

However, is being cheaper considered a drawback? Let me know what do you think.

Are carbide turning tools the best choice for a beginner?

Now, should you consider carbide turning tools if you’re a beginning or a hobby woodturner who just bought his first wood lathe?


You can get started with them right out of the box and achieve good results without much practice.

Though you may have to spend some extra time sanding, that’s offset by the fact that they cut faster and don’t require you to stop to resharpen mid-project.

The replaceable cutters can be pricey but much less expensive than traditional sharpening equipment. And a simple diamond hone can significantly reduce the frequency of replacement.

It’s also worth noting that carbide turning tools can be safer as they are less prone to catching.

And even if they do, the result will be much less violent than what can be experienced with traditional high-speed steel tools.

Is the extra cost of a carbide turning tool worth it?

All this convenience does come with an additional price. Carbide cutters do eventually need to be replaced and making cost between fifteen and thirty dollars each.

But a hobby turner will likely only replace them once or twice a year, and the cost is much less than sharpening equipment can be.

It’s also worth noting that carbide cutters can be sharpened very easily using a simple diamond home which can significantly reduce replacement frequency.

So, pretty much worth it for me.

What does a veteran turner think of them?

The veteran turner’s will argue that they leave a better surface behind while it does take more skill to use traditional tools.

When you scrape wood fibres, particularly the end grain and every Cove and curve on your turning, you’re tearing at the fibres. This leaves a rougher surface behind, which requires a lot of sanding to smooth out.

Now, they’re not wrong, to be honest. You do end up doing more sanding on a project made with carbide tools. Though the extent can be reduced by taking very light finishing passes.

So, suppose you’re a veteran turner who has already invested the time and effort into developing his skills with traditional tools. In that case, I can see why you would prefer those, especially for those finishing cuts.

It’s worth noting, however, that even many pro-Turner’s do like to use carbide for the initial shaping of their projects. Because these tools remove material much faster and without the frequent resharpening along the way.

And those who prefer to turn exclusively with carbide argue that they would rather spend extra time sanding than significantly more time learning to use and sharpen their tools more effectively.

Why do some people love them, and others prefer high-speed steel?

Some people think carbide turning tools are the greatest thing to happen to this craft since of the variable speed lathe.  Others say high-speed steel is still the way to go.

Why so much debate? Mostly it all comes down to that ease-of-use and sharpening.

Traditional HSS: Let’s start with traditional high-speed steel tools.

They require more skill and finesse. You don’t just walk up to the lathe and start turning. Each tool has to be held differently so that the bevel meets the wood at the proper angle.

And using them correctly is a skill that takes time to learn.

Carbide tools: Carbide tools, on the other hand, can be used with good results the very first time you pick them up. This is because you don’t have to concern yourself with bevel angles. Instead, you hold the tool parallel to the floor and plunge it forward.

That’s because the carbide cutter is actually a scraper. So you aren’t sharing the fibres like you would with the traditional chisel. Instead, you’re just scraping them away.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a square round or pointed tool; the scraping action is the same. So you don’t have to change the way you hold the tool according to its profile on the end as you do with traditional high-speed steel tools.

That fact eliminates a considerable amount of the learning curve when it comes to woodturning, and it is mainly why beginner Turner’s love carbide tools.

Carbide woodturning tool sharpening and maintenance

This is what initially drew me to carbide turning tools- I like the idea of never having to sharpen them. With traditional tools, you have to sharpen frequently, which takes you away from the project and requires a whole new set of skills.

Yes, sharpening is a skill that you have to have. You may be able to grind a simple bevel on a bowl gouge quickly, but different tasks require different bevel shapes. There’s a lot more to sharpening woodturning tools than woodworking chisels.

That often means additional investment in a sharpening system in various jigs. And an even greater investment in time both in learning the sharpening skills and repeating them frequently throughout your project as the tools become dull.

Carbide tools don’t require sharpening. The cutting edges can last, depending on the task and the quality of the carbide 25 to a hundred times longer than just highspeed steel.

Since many tools can be refreshed by rotating the cutter to one of four cutting edges, some Turner’s report that while they used to stop and frequently sharpen while turning a single large bowl,

Can you get the carbide as sharp as HSS?

About this argument, it’s true that you can’t. Though very high-quality carbide can still get really sharp. It can get plenty sharp enough for woodturning.

You can get a hand plane iron so sharp that it will shave the hair on your arm, but you can only take so many feet of shavings before that edge is considerably less sharp.

It takes a while with a hand plane. But imagine when those shavings are spinning into your cutter at 2,000 rpm, you can go through those same feet of material very quickly.

My point is you can get your tool as sharp as you like, but just as soon as you put it to wood which is an abrasive material, it’s going to dull to at least the sharpness of a carbide tool pretty fast.

So, the advantages of Steel compared to carbide when it comes to sharpness are minimal—especially considering such an aggressive tool as a top-class professional wood lathe.

Let’s Start Turning Now

Carbide tools are a great investment because they last longer than steel or HSS. They can be flipped over to continue cutting with fresh carbide teeth, which is easier and faster than sharpening.

So, if you’re thinking of getting into woodturning or even if you’re a veteran turner looking for the best way to remove material fast, you should check out those full-size carbide woodturning tools.

And for your first project, why not a wooden mallet? Slap a couple of coats of boiled linseed oil on, and you’ll have a great tool you made yourself and maybe a whole new hobby and woodturning.

I highly recommend using the Wolltex carbide lathe tools. There are giving you almost everything for just under 200 dollars and have got very decent reviews as well.

Turn Big, Turn Safe. Welcome to the turning world!

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