9 Best Mini, Micro and Portable Wood Lathes that Last Longer

Mini penmaking wood lathe

I don’t know why so many websites are referring Midi lathes (such as- Delta 46-460 or jet 1221vs) as the best mini wood lathes even if they are prominently overpowered than the typical Minis and can cost more than $500 in general. So I wanted to make a list of 9 out of 19 small-sized wood lathes from 5-1/2” to … Read More

Best Wood Lathes for Beginners: Get Rid of Buyer’s Remorse

Best wood lathe for beginners

Buying a second-hand or cheap Chinese lathe from Craiglist to save money could be an option. But if this something you are feeling passionate about and wanna give your best shot, then starting with a fresh quality lathe should be the priority. Cause the machine is at it’s best in condition now. It will easily outperform an older or cheaper … Read More

Shop Fox W1758 Honest Review: (2020 Update)

shop fox w1758 review

Hey, today it is going to be the Shop fox W1758 review from a different point of view. If you are actually in search of a top-notch wood lathe to fulfill your turning needs but also thinking about your wallet, well, we got your back this time. This one is a game-changer. Shop Fox W1758 is a great option that … Read More

Ultimate Review of Rikon 70-100 Mini Lathe- 2020 Version

Rikon 70-10 review

Well, it’s obvious when you are considering to buy a new lathe, there are a few factors you should look for in a lathe. It is even vital when you are getting your first lathe. The must check elements are; how much power can motors give as output, what is the weight of the lathe, how much space will it … Read More

Jet JWL 1440VSK Review: Why Should You Buy It?

The Jet JWL Review

Do you want a lathe that is versatile as your crafting? Then the all-new Jet JWL 1440 VSK is a great lathe with features that can do the woodturning job without any hassle and any fail. It is your lucky day because today’s review will give you some know-about of this impressive lathe under your radar. Jet 1440VSK has a … Read More

Nova 1624 II Lathe Review: My Personal Views!

Nova 1624 Lathe review

Teknatool’s Nova 1624 is an excellent lathe for the tagged price! I saw my mentor using a few small-sized lathes ranging from $500 to $2000, and I got a chance to get my hands on them too. One of them was this version of Nova. Nova 1624 II is more than perfect for the price it takes. It still has … Read More

Powermatic 4424B Review: Is It Worth The Cost?

Powermatic 4424B review

Powermatic has been serving us since 1921. It has the reputation of providing us with quality and powerful lathe from the very beginning. Since the company has been named associating with Power-centric, you can guess how powerful the lathe can be with a whopping 3 Horsepower motor inbuilt unit. We saw there is no actual review about this heavyweight 4424B … Read More

WEN 3420 Review in 2020: Don’t Judge A Lathe By Its Price!

Wen 3420 review

What makes Wen 3420 as the go-to mini lathe for the small wood projects while the full-sized lathes are the woodturner’s first choice? What makes it stand out, and how? Let’s give you the answer. The Wen 3420 is a unique mini-lathe to target only small turning projects from bowls to table legs. The “2a motor” with a speed range … Read More

Best Wood Lathe Illustrated Buying Guide: Top 3 Picks

The best wood lathe

Woodworking is an art that requires skills, passion, and the right tools. So considering a lathe to be the “Best” is not a joke. There are so many brands out there with their lucrative ads that it’s easy to get confused. So what will be the Best Wood Lathe for you, and how do you choose one? Whether you are … Read More