4 Most Easy Metal Lathe Projects and How To Make Them

Super easy metal things

Mini metal lathes are amazing machines to have. They are used to make screws, barrels of guns, metal musical instruments, and lots of other things. Although they are professionally made and sold, it’s not very difficult to get into the world of metal crafting. From cutting to molding, metal lathes are the way to go for a DIY dude. Now … Read More

Are Bolton Lathes Any Good | A Detailed Dig Down

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One of the most versatile machines for metal handiworks is the metal lathes. An ideal lathe allows you to customize various metals into any desired dimensions smoothly, precisely and with ease. Depending on the size, a lathe can be used for simple DIY projects as well as any complex industrial jobs. A number of brands for metal lathes are available, … Read More

What are the types of lathes and how much they cost?

Types of lathes and their prices

If you’ve ever wondered how baseball bats or screws are made, then you’ve surely heard of a lathe already. A lathe rotates a workpiece around a certain axis and then uses cutting machines to give it any shape the user wants. Nevertheless, you might be wondering how much lathe actually costs? A lathe can cost you anywhere from $100 to … Read More

5 Basic Difference Between Lathe and Milling Machine

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If you are an experienced machinist, worked with both the machines, then it’s not a problem for you to understand the difference. But new people to machining job who wants to purchase a machine among them are often confused about the difference between them and which one will be suitable for them. So, to help those newbie machinists, we are … Read More

7 major Problems with Mini Lathe and Their Best Solution

Lthe machine problems and solutions

Lathe machine is the most common and oldest equipment to be used in industries to cut, groove, drill, and do other machine-related operations. As it is a machine, from time to time, there can be problems. But that does not mean you need to get a new machine. You can overcome those problems. If we put them into a list … Read More

How to Cut A Taper on A Lathe

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You may already know that a lathe is a multifunctional machine for boring, milling, cutting, drilling and turning. With the aid of some methods, you can easily perform the aforementioned operations. Among all these operations turning is the simplest one. Workers do it to minimize the width of the cylindrical bar. If there is any necessity of a specific taper … Read More

20 Cool Things to Make on a Wooden Lathe

Simple wooden things to make with wood lathe

Wood lathes are commonly used for small scale projects involving platters, bowls and even furniture. Even though lathes can appear to be daunting to use, they are fun and addictive even, once you get the hang of it. Ultimately use of the lathe involves only 2 basic turning methods; the spindle turning and faceplate turning. Today we will be talking … Read More

How to Set Up A Lathe Cutting Tool

Lathe cutting tool setup

If you are interested in lathes but do not know much about the cutting tools and how to use them, then this piece of writing is for you. As you read through the article, you will learn to master the various tips and tricks of setting up the mother of all machines- A lathe cutting machine! It is a versatile … Read More

Can You Turn Wood on A Metal Lathe?

Cutting a piece of wood on a metal lathe

The simple answer is, yes. You can turn wood on a metal lathe. However, you should not attempt to turn metal on a wooden lathe. Using a wooden lathe to turn metal may result in ‘chatter’. This means the vibration on your work-piece which will leave ridged or rough surface on it. A lathe is an excellent machining tool that … Read More

How to Use a Boring Bar on a Lathe?

how to use a boring bar

Boring is really an easy procedure if enlarging an existing hole is the only purpose. And we don’t have to worry about other parameters of the tool. But, when you have to think about a particular size with tight tolerance, everything matters. From boring bar selection to chip evacuation, everything should be accurate and precious. That’s why they say; it’s … Read More