The Lathematters is the heaven where I talk about turning and curving woods and metals. I got my two other crazy friends to bring forth our crazy ideas. We’ve been in love experimenting with unique sculptures made from plain wood or a raw metal piece since when we were at high school together! We have always tried to take things up a notch and see what new ideas we can turn into reality.

But why creating this site? Let me tell you our story…

Well, you know it’s really hard to do all the stuff alone even if you have a full passion sometimes. You definitely need some guide or a place or a person where you can find the solutions to your problems. From selecting the right products to making your dream into reality, you do need some guidance. I luckily became friends with a cool guy who had the same passion back when we were in high school. He then introduced me with his cousin who had a big garage backside of his home! Bingo!!! Though we only could manage a simple mini lathe with all the money we had but sure as hell we started it.

Eventually, we bought a machine and paid more than what it was worth. After spending hours browsing on the internet, talking with other crafters and seeing a bunch of YouTube videos, we decided to make a site that talks about the best products out there. We faced so many problems during cutting and turning. There was not enough resources and guidelines about this beautiful profession so that we could decide how to do or what to choose! Even today there are sites and resources about Lathe Machines but only to convert people into a customer. All they care is to sell their hefty products no matter if it is appropriate for you or not!

So we made this site to not only talk about making unique crafts but also to guide you with the exact tool that we personally experimented with. As a DIY enthusiast, it is equally important to know about the right tools to actually shape your ideas with.

For example, let’s talk about end grain bowls. The visual aspect of it always intrigues me. They might look simple at first glance, but they are a hard nut to turn and most of them crack. But when you make one that doesn’t… oh boy, now that’s something to be proud of. And believe me, you do need the perfect tool especially if you are a beginner.

Why Us?

The main reason why we made this platform is to share ideas, but soon after that, we thought why not talk about the machine that does it all? We have used a bunch of lathes to make baseball bats and weed pots in the startup and had so much fun in the process that we decided to create a website and share this amazing experience with the whole world so that beginner can learn the right way!

When we first started turning with woods, finding the right wood lathe machine was really difficult. We needed something that we could work with without spending a fortune. Now, we know what to look for when selecting a lathe machine without spending too much it’s our turn to help you guys, don’t make the mistake that we did. Spend some time with us and you will thank us later.

This is a blog that talks about the right products, accessories and other stuff that a beginner DIY hobbyist needs.

Thanks for reading it. Happy turning!