About Me

Getting confused with the lathe, chucks, gouges, and staff? What tool will fit your budget and space, giving you the quality finish? HSS or Carbide? How to overcome the problems on the machine and so on?

It’s okay, been there and I am here to help.

I have designed this website to guide people through their turning journey and help them learn and choose their Machines and other tools without wasting money.

I started my journey as a Machinist Apprentice at Berkeley-Davis, Inc., after completing Mechanical Technology at Danville Area Community College.

After spending years with metalworking in different companies, I decided to join as a novice turning member in Central Illinois Wood Turners under AAW in early 2000 because deep inside, I always had a craving to turn woods.

I never thought of making money working with this profession as I have a full-time job, so I don’t sell my work (well, till now). I do this mostly for fun, and I love to make things out of wasted materials, whether it’s wood or metals.

I have my own workshop arrangement in my garage, and that’s where I spend my spare time playing with the machines and making things for my home.

I would love to share my knowledge with the beautiful people who are willing to make their own things.

Favorite Turning book– American Woodturner journal by AAW
Ideal Mentor– Richard Raffan (Australia)
Favorite Metalwork– Cutting Threads
Favorite Woodwork– Turning miniatures.

Warning: safety is the number one priority.