Grizzly G0602 Review: Read Before Picking One In 2021

Grizzly has been in the business for more than 30 years now, and they are pretty good at listening to the customers for their needs all the time.

They have a wide range of product lines in the market, which is of excellent quality. One of them is the Grizzly G0602 Bench-Top Metal Lathe.

The operations are super friendly to operate, and the construction has a solitary factor altogether.

The most interesting part is that Grizzly themselves finetune every segment of the G0602 in their factory to give the user a hassle-free metal turning.

The lathe comes with a powerful motor that is adequate for metal turning anytime in the day.

Most of all, it is a very stable lathe with 0% vibration feedback. So, the user gets an ultimate vibration-free metal turning experience.

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The Grizzly G0602 Benchtop Metal Lathe Review

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Now Let’s talk briefly about our arrangement of Grizzly G0602 and its features.


The Grizzly G0602 is a fine benchtop lathe that sits on the table or a bench for operations. You won’t need a leg extension for this. It stays on a table so it can be more stable for the lathe to operate in.

The construction is made with great durable iron cast material. This iron cast has the properties of being very solid and tactile.

So, even if you’re turning metal at a very fast pace, the vibration created will be eliminated right away.

Also, there is an advantage of having it on a tabletop which makes locomotive features easily accessible. The lathe weighs around 447 pounds in total.

Powerful Motor

The Grizzly G0602 might be a little expensive but the feature that is included subsidized the price. One of the great features of the lathe is its ability to metal turn any sort of hard metals into a metal craft.

It is done with the help of the powerful motors that are inbuilt in the lathe. The lathe features a motor that is powered with a 110-volt single-phase with having 1 horsepower.

Metal turning has been made even easier than before with the motor being capable of handling any tough job.


The Grizzly G0602 has a fine gearing system running in the lathe. The Benchtop lathe features a 1-inch spindle bore and from 1 to 3 or a 4-inch x 8 inch TPI spindle having an MT4 spindle taper.

The gearbox of the lathe makes sure that it maintains a constant speed without any fails in the operation. Six speeds are available for you to choose from the speed selection.

The speed offers will surely amaze you, a feature we will be discussing later in the review.

User-Friendly Device

Grizzly’s Research and development sector has done intensive researches on the customers before launching its products. They have made the device to be as user-friendly as possible.

We have used a few random lathes in earlier times; most of them tend to make the device very complicated with no good reason.

The lathe offers a hardened and ground V-way bed that is ensuring the optimal support for the future’s use.

It is powerful enough to help in molding the engines. Also, the Grizzly G0602 comes with a 1-year international warranty.

Variable Speed Ranges

It is surprising that in this price range few of the lathe tend to have a single speed range with no variations. But not in the case for the Grizzly G0602.

The Lathe support gearbox that we have mentioned before features Multiple Speed variation for the users to operate.

It comes with six-speed ranges of 150, 300, 560, 720, 1200, and a whopping 2400 RPM.

And if you’re thinking is it tough to change the speed while you are using the lathe. You are very wrong as the Grizzly G0602 is designed in such a way that you just have to spin the knob for changing the speed as you desired.


✅ The lathe offers Variable speed controls.
✅ The one-inch bore can turn any metal to a massive project.
✅ It can be movable from places to place as having a lightweight.
✅ Beginners can operate it without any hassle.
✅ Upgradation of the predecessor but it only costs a few dollars.


❌ The paint job needs to be a little better; we saw some wear off of paint due.
❌ The Grizzly G0602 is a bit expensive.

By the way, if this doesn’t fit your needs you can check this awesome review of G8688 which is one of the low budgets but so powerful model of Grizzly! Or at least give it a try cause you have to have a clear vision about what you are buying before you spend your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the distance between the centers?
A. The distance between the center of the lathe is 22 inches.

Q. How many numbers of longitudinal feeds are there in the lathe.
There are 9 feeds of the longitudinal present in the lathe.

Q. What is the cross-slide travel and the carriage travel of the lathe?
The Grizzly G0602 has cross-slide travel of 6-1/2 inch and the carriage having 18-1/2 inch.

Q. What kind of tailstock barrel taper is there present in the lathe?
A. An MT #3 type tailstock barrel is there in the lathe for ultimate usability.

Note That worth

The Grizzly G0602 is a great device with no doubt. But there are few notes that are worth noting.

This is a semi-professional metal turning lathe, a beginner can operate it but has to take proper precautions before jumping in to work.

Please note that this is not the cheapest lathe in the market; it is relatively expensive.

So, as you are paying a premium price, the outcome will definitely be of premium quality. The variable speed option is a must-try.

The operation of the lathe is relatively easier than most of the lathes in the market. Thus it is well recommended.

We hope our Grizzly G0602 review has enlightened you in your purchasing decision.

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