Best LED Lathe Light: 6 Recommendations

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by Charles Wilson

When there is light, there is maker space. Sometimes you need the brightest and most concentrated light closure to your Lathe- so your turning project doesn’t come to a grinding halt.

A good lighting system is kind of a much-needed setup for any wood lathe or metal lathe turner. If you’re a beginning woodturner wanting to buy your first lathe, you should also consider the lighting system.

It’s very important to have a work-friendly and comfortable turning home shop. Lights come very much handy from working with a hollow form to checking the sanding marks as well.

Now, as you are searching it on the internet, you might have noticed so many e-commerce selling LED lights for lathes and other machines. Plenty of options between different base and neck, lumens and magnet strength.

So, how do you know which one will work best for you?

This is why I am writing about these 6 best options for LED Lathe lights to guide you. I hope this will do absolute justice to your workshop.

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Thoughts on general lighting ideas

"laguna wood lathe with a led light on top of the headstock"

The choices can be different here as it varies from turners to turners and the setup of the lathe inside the workshop. The colour and types of the lights, wattage, lumens and few other things.

If you ask me, I personally don’t want my light to get hotter. So I’d avoid incandescent here. Anything under 60 watts would be enough to keep it cool yet producing excellent lighting. Halogen could be a good option as a 60 watts Halogen is equivalent to 100 watts incandescent light.

I would not recommend fluorescent light around or closure to the lathe. They can feel fuzzy most of the time which could be a bad thing for an aged turner. You can mount fluorescent tubes on the ceiling if the light feels comfortable to you. They are cheap and bright.

Track lighting could be a great option for your new lathe setup. Turners usually need the light towards the headstock where most of the turning work takes place.

So it’s important that you focus on that part. You can have a 4 ft or 6 ft light track above the lathe and use some inexpensive track lights on them.

You can easily do the spindles with general lighting. But for bowls, vessels and other hollow forms, you need focus. Track lights will keep the brightness coming all along from all different angles to your lathe.

So yeah, you can just get some track lights and hang them above the lathe.

What are the types of lighting?

Typically, there are four types of lightbulbs that we hear most-

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent (CFL)
  • Halogen
  • LED (light-emitting diode)

How many Lumens/Watts do you need?

The recommendation is that you use 20-30 lumens per sq feet for an adequate brighter outcome.

You can measure the sq footage of your turning station and then buy one accordingly.

The more lumens the more brightness.

Best LED Lathe Lights for lathe machine:

"three black colored led lathe lights with gooseneck and magnetic base"

LED has taken over all of them with their rapidly changing technology. They are extremely bright, energy-saving and last longer than any other bulb.

They can have a life span of a minimum of 30,000 hours, which’s 25 times more than any traditional lights.

Now, let’s go and see some of the best options for LED lights you can use for your lathe work. You can add one magnetic LED Lathe Light to have more detailed light on your workpieces.

5W COB LED Work Light For Lathe

BiNFU 5W COB LED Work Light for Milling, Lathe, Work Bench Led'Gooseneck' Lamp
184 Reviews
BiNFU 5W COB LED Work Light for Milling, Lathe, Work Bench Led"Gooseneck" Lamp
  • 【COB LED Source 】 5w 500lm 5000K Netural white RA>85,brighter and more uniform light
  • 【Firm and Durable】All-metal manufacturing, pure aluminum lamp head and base, sturdy and thick Metal flexible arm, suitable for long-term working use.
  • 【High-Quality Materials】23.6 inches gooseneck arm, 200mm cable, 110V-240v with UL Plug,ON/Off button switch on the lamp head
  • 【Widely Used in Various Applications】A versatile LED task light for industrial and other professional applications where flexibility is of importance,Typical applications are lighting for machining industry, production equipment, inspection and in vehicles,ect.
  • 【Long Lifespan】50,000H Ultra-long service life, 2-year quality guarantee. If there is any problem, you can contact the after-sales service at any time.

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I really like this lamp. The COB LED work light is perfect when you’re doing some very small and detailed work on the table. The light is bright and the on/off button on the back of the head is a nice touch.

Comes in an easy to open box, is nicely packaged, and has metal parts with one exception for those LEDs. They are not too pricey.

If you want to get your job done without spending more than necessary, then this could be it! It is a decent buy given the options available for industrial goosenecks on Amazon. And it does what you need it to do without any frills or fuss.

The metal base will keep the whole thing safe from any damage and corrosion. I mean, even in the event of heavy machinery vibration!

This versatile light comes with an adjustable gooseneck light to provide inspection for small scale machining. They are great even for bigger pieces at 30 cm from the lighting source.

The gooseneck can also work as a flashlight using a 110-240V power cord that is easily plugged into any outlet found in North America.

At 3 watts, this LED lamp has 250 lumens and includes a 50000-hour average life span. So, no more cumbersome hassle with replacing bulbs every time one blows out! The brackets are metal T bases, so it’s super sturdy too!

I think this should be enough illumination to illuminate all your little nooks in your workspace.

XINYIQI Flexible Gooseneck LED Lathe Light

XINYIQI Led work light,IP65 Water Proof Flexible Gooseneck Lamp, Led light gooseneck 900 Lumen for Lathe Milling, Drill Press, Industrial Lighting
  • 💡【IP66 waterproof aluminum alloy lamp head】 The Flexible work light head made of waterproof aluminum alloy. Fully enclosed lamp cap has the advantages of waterproof, rust-proof, heat-resistant, durable and the surface is oil-resistant and easy to clean.
  • 💡【Quality LED Light】 The led work light bulb integrates 3 LED lamp beads with a luminous flux of about 900 lumens. Compared with halogen bulbs, it has higher luminous efficiency and brightness, lower heat generation and power consumption. The voltage service range is 110V to 220V and can be input to 120 volts.
  • 💡【Double Gooseneck work light】 The machine light hose is a corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation double-layer design of outer plastic and inner metal. It is about 20 inches in length and can be bent freely at any angle, facing the place you need.
  • 💡【Installation with screws】 We have prepared four screw holes for the base, equipped with screws and auxiliary irons to make the lamps more secure and safe. They can be combined into a variety of different installation methods, suitable for all positions of the machine.
  • 💡【Quality Warranty】 Support 1 year warranty 30 days quality problem refund or exchange, we assume full responsibility for product and customer dissatisfaction. If our lights have quality problems or if you are not satisfied with our store purchase, please contact us and we are always ready to help you;

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I found this gooseneck light to be a great option for hobbyists. If you need a small, bright, and affordable lighting solution, this is also a great option.

These mini lights are always a good option for those looking to add additional lighting in the shop or garage.

You could also use it as an overhead light in your work area. Just attach the bracket into one of two screw holes from any Grizzly mounting system.

It attaches securely with no issues and provides plenty of illumination without being too bright – perfect for close-up tasks like reading the small print on plans or schematics while working at your Lathe!

If you are worried about what happens if the bulb burns out, don’t worry because replacements can be found online easily enough. And since this unit operates off 120V direct power you also don’t need to worry about adding a dc converter.

The only downside is the base is made of plastic instead of metal which makes me question its durability longevity compared to other shop lights on the market.

But at under $40 it’s worth giving it a try if you’re looking for something quick and easy without too many bells or whistles.

The Led Flexible Gooseneck Light, with an aluminium alloy base and an ABS body provides 900 lumens of light. Besides, it can work for about 80000 hours, and comes with four mounting screws on the back.

It also has a contemporary craft design that goes well in any setting. With LED lights that never need replacing because they last forever!

A flexible gooseneck light that has a hard exterior and an aluminium alloy frame are perfect for professionals.

With a low power consumption of only 9 watts and long-lasting bulbs guaranteed for 80000 hours, it’s no wonder so many people are interested in them!

If you’re looking to spice up your repair workshop, then the Led Flexible Gooseneck Light is an excellent choice!

SHUN CAN DA Industrial LED Lighting

Led Magnetic Machine Work Light IP65 Water Proof Flexible Gooseneck lamp 900 Lumens 120 Volt for Lathe Milling Drill Press Industrial Lighting
246 Reviews
Led Magnetic Machine Work Light IP65 Water Proof Flexible Gooseneck lamp 900 Lumens 120 Volt for Lathe Milling Drill Press Industrial Lighting
  • IP65 Water Proof: Led Work light is made of high-quality aluminum alloy light head, Added water proof rubber ring, It can protect against the water spray generated by the machine.
  • Power and voltage: Input voltage range is 110 to 240V, of course, can input 120V; three LEDs,9W luminous flux is 900 lumens, longer life than halogen lamps, more energy saving.
  • Flexible Gooseneck: flexible metal hose + plastic tube, about 20 inches in length, can adjust the direction of illumination 360 degrees.
  • Magnetic base: Heavy-duty adjustable magnetic base that can be installed wherever needed. Can be mounted on the side of the machine. The thicker the metal, magnetic the stronger th.
  • Scope of application: Suitable for all types of machine tools, Such as CNC, Punching, Lathe, Drilling machine, Car repair shop, Equipment, Machinery workshop, Woodworking workbench, Sewing machine.

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Here’s another gooseneck flex lamp with a controllable magnetic base and IP65 waterproof design. Made from aluminium alloy, this 20-inches long LED light has a 3-bead remote controller that can easily be used to adjust the flexible arm’s length and head angle.

With an input voltage of AC110~240V, you’re able to take advantage of all three power modes. High brightness (9W), low brightness (2.5W) as well as SOS mode at 9W, which is perfect for low light workshops.

Combining all of these features into one product makes it possible for professionals in any environment to have lighting that goes anywhere they need it!

These 900 lumens led lathe lights are very bright if you see. The magnetic base is strong and it stays in place on the tailstock very firmly. You can mount it 30 inches away from the headstock and it will work great to illuminate the spot.

Providing ample light to see inside wood bowls or boxes without having to remove your face shield, it’s a great tool for woodturners of all levels.

If you’re looking for a new lathe lamp to replace your old one with a powerful one, this might be exactly what you need!

There is one thing that I don’t like about this product. The magnetic on-off switch seems locked down if you tighten the arm for the light down all the way.

Although, this makes sense because you want your power cord protected when storing or transporting this item in its case when not in use.

FAJ flexable LED Lathe Light with DISC

FAJ Sewing Machine Light, Magnetic, Flexible 60 LED Work Lights, Bandsaw Accessories, Scroll Saw with Extra Long Gooseneck - Mount anywhere discs (2) included
2,636 Reviews
FAJ Sewing Machine Light, Magnetic, Flexible 60 LED Work Lights, Bandsaw Accessories, Scroll Saw with Extra Long Gooseneck - Mount anywhere discs (2) included
  • Crystal-Clear Illumination: Dive into detailed sewing, operate a lathe with precision, focus on your milling machine, or illuminate the specifics of a drill press. Our 60 COBB LEDs shed daylight-like clarity onto every project, ensuring you see every detail without flickering or dimming.
  • Unparalleled Adjustability: Experience the versatility of the 12” gooseneck. Position it snugly above a sewing machine, angle it optimally for your drill press, direct it towards your lathe, or even softly light up a reading corner. And with an easy-to-access on-off switch, controlling your light source has never been simpler. The no-sag, insulated design means your light remains steadfast in its chosen position.
  • Versatile Magnetic Mounting: The robust magnetic base ensures that your LED light remains secure on any metal surface. But what about non-metal areas? We've got you covered! Our package includes a Mount Anywhere Stick-on Disc, making it adaptable to smooth, non-metal surfaces. From sewing stations to desks or makeup counters, this light firmly holds its ground.
  • Energy Efficiency with Longevity: Commit to an eco-friendlier choice. Reap up to 90% energy savings, and relish in a bulb lifespan spanning 50,000 hours, equating to countless projects and tasks undertaken in brilliant light.
  • Our Commitment to You: Your satisfaction is our priority. We believe in the quality and performance of our LED work light so much that we back it with a lifetime warranty. You're not just buying a light; you're investing in quality, performance, and unmatched customer service.

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Check this little but mighty LED light. Whether you’re working inside or outside, the clean white light will illuminate your space without sacrificing clarity and brightness.

This easy-to-use lamp has 30 bright daylight LEDs that will provide great illumination without straining your eyes or creating eye fatigue when used over an extended period of time.

Even if you have to do some late night or early morning projects, these lights are guaranteed not to flicker, pulsate, dim while in use.

"a gooseneck led lights mounted on a blue colored metal lathe machine"

The adjustable arm means you can position it however you want for optimal viewing. Just set it on its base for a softer glow.

With a gooseneck that extends 12 inches and an easy-to-adjust magnetic base, this is the headlight for any job. It works great as a lathe machine light or in other places where bright lights are needed at odd angles like machinist job sites or 3D printers.

Besides, it offers long life, flexible options and saves you time and money! They even also giving a full money-back guarantee to their customer.

I mean what more do you want? This light is great for wood lathe, bandsaw, drill press, sewing machine, or any other machine.

POWKER 30 LED Magnetic Mount Light

LED Sewing Machine Light,POWKER 30 LED Magnetic Mount Drill Press Light with Flexible Silone Coating Gooseneck for Sewing Machine, Drill Presses, Desks, Music Stands, Craft, Workbenches, Lathes Lamps
1,592 Reviews
LED Sewing Machine Light,POWKER 30 LED Magnetic Mount Drill Press Light with Flexible Silone Coating Gooseneck for Sewing Machine, Drill Presses, Desks, Music Stands, Craft, Workbenches, Lathes Lamps
  • 100% QUALITY LED : 30 High-quality LED beads can provide enough bright light and the light is soft enough to protect the eyes.The sewing machine light is durable and can saves up to 90% of electricity.
  • SAFE and STABLE POWER SUPPLY : The mainboard of the power supply adopts constant current voltage input to prevent strobing light when in using.Protect your eyes and improve overall performance of the sewing lamp.
  • SILICONE RESIN GOOSENECK:We have improved the safety and comfort of our products by added a silicone flexible tube to the metal gooseneck,which is safer and flexible than others normal gooseneck.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC BASE:We use the strongest suction magnetic material as the base of the lamp, the LED light can be magnet on any metal surface not slide nor move, also widely used in Lathes, Drill Presses, Workbenches, Music Stands, Craft etc. not just only the sewing machine light.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY:POWKER sewing machinge light are backed by a lifetime warranty.If you have any problems using our products, contact us at any time and we will make it right.

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Foldable and handy, it’s perfect for workbenches, lathes and all sorts of machinery. The magnetic base with a gooseneck design can be adjusted to point the light in any direction onto your project or workspace, unlike a clamp-on fixture that points only straight ahead.

It’ll also stay cool to the touch thanks to its silicone rubber housing which resists heat better than plastic housings often found on lights of this type.

The 30 high-quality LEDs provide ample illumination on close up work while providing enough ambient light so you don’t strain your eyes after hours of working without a break.

"magnetic base of a led lathe light"

This light has a constant current output which eliminates any electrical problems like strobing lights and flickering.

The SILICONE RESIN GOOSENECK ensures durability whilst the STRONG MAGNETIC BASE hangs it anywhere for safekeeping.

With an input voltage range of 85-265V AC (11008 or 22024) and 6W Ultra Bright COB, this light emits a 120-degree wide beam angle at 6000-6500K Color temperature for a clear display.

You never have to worry about power outages again. Because POWKER has LED beads which are more robust than most of the lights out there. Best used for workbench, lathe, drill press and milling!


YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 14inch 72W Led Light Pod Wiring Harness Spot Led Work Light Offroad Light Led Fog Light Truck Light Driving Light Boat Light Truck Pickup SUV ATV UTV,2 Years Warranty
  • Super Bright: 12 inch LED Light bar is equipped with 24, three watt high intensity LEDs. That’s a total of 72W with a 6, 000k color temperature. This light bar will extend your field of vision, giving you a better driving experience.
  • High Performance: Withstands harsh environments thanks to the die-cast aluminum housing which provides strength and durability. An upgraded PC lens surface with high light transmission. Our 12 inch led pods have a 50, 000 hour life span and are IP67 rated waterproof, dust-proof, quake-proof, anti-corrosion for harsh environment.
  • Better Heat Dissipation: In order to get the best heat dissipation, our 72W LED light pods uses 1070 aluminum alloy as the casing which can has best heat dissipation and best seal ability for the heat sink. The sharp aluminum fan design, makes it dissipate heat faster and more effectively. It extends the lifespan of the light bar beyond 50, 000 hours.
  • Adjustable Mounting Accessories: With the included adjustable mounting accessories, the 12 inch LED work light can adjust to about 90 degrees. This makes changing the direction of the light beam easier. The lamp can slide after the installation.
  • Many Uses: This led spot work light is compatible with almost all Jeeps, 4x4, trucks, tractors, trailers, golf carts, pickups, cars, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs and boats. Additionally, there are many indoor and outdoor uses: garden lighting, backyard lighting, backup light, off road lighting, reverse lights, construction lighting and more.(NOTE: Professional installation would be highly recommended)

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Even if it’s a car light but this could also be a great setup for your lathe if you mount it on the wall. With 72 watts of power, the YITAMOTOR 14-inch LED Light Bar will produce light powerful enough to illuminate any terrain.

The IP67 protection rating is more than enough protection against dust, water, and shock. So, even if you happen to drop this light bar it would continue operating without damage.

You can either mount them up on brackets or place them on top of your Lathe or bandsaw for maximum coverage with customizable mounting points.

Using 7000K LEDs means this light is warmer but brighter in comparison to some other headlights listed online. 6000K white colour temperature provides excellent lighting in all conditions.

You also have three different options when it comes to lighting, whether you want a spot beam, floodlight, or a combination of both.

The heat sink in this unit is made of high quality 1070 aluminium alloy that will keep the operating temperature cool all day long!

But be beware: that brightness comes at a price – it runs at forty degrees celsius max temperature!

Final thoughts and what to consider before buying

If you’re a woodturner or metal turner, then you know just how important it is to have the perfect lighting system in your home shop.  There are a lot of options for lighting in your workshop.

If you’re going to be looking at the work from all different angles, it’s important to have good light that will show off all the details without glare. I recommend LED lights because they’re more energy-efficient and last longer than other types of bulbs.

When considering what kind of lights you want in your home workshop, consider how much brightness is best suited for what type of workspace – if you need bright overhead light or dimmer under-cabinet lighting?

It’s imperative to have the right type of lights in order to see what you’re working on and do so safely without harming yourself with poor visibility.

You should also think about whether or not any specific colour temperature might be preferable as well (for example yellow spectrum). These six choices offer up some excellent illumination at various ranges of lumens/watts depending on your particular needs as a turner.

The 6 best-LED lathe lights I’ve selected can do absolute justice to any workshop and will make working with hollow forms as well as sanding marks much easier. I hope this post has been helpful! Let me your thoughts in the comment. Till then-

Turn Safe, Turn Big. Welcome to the turning world!