Shop Fox W1758 Honest Review: (2021 Update)

Shop Fox W1758

Hey, today it is going to be the Shop fox W1758 review from a different point of view.

If you are actually in search of a top-notch wood lathe to complete your woodturning projects but also thinking about your wallet, well, I got your back this time. This one is a game-changer.

Shop Fox W1758 is a great option that has a powerful motor of 2 horsepower with 10-speed variables for better woodturning capability so you know it’s a big fish out there.

But the best part is that it outperforms any lathe in this tier for its unbelievable power output at a reasonable price point!

I saw many midi lathes failing in performance when it comes to power in their in-built motors, but not in the case for Shop Fox W1758.

It has a special kind of swivel head that makes the outboard bowl turning super easy and achieves precise woodturning.

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The Shop Fox W1758 Review

Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe With Cast Iron Legs And Digital Readout
54 Reviews
Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe With Cast Iron Legs And Digital Readout
  • Motor: 2 HP, 110V, single-phase
  • Heavy-duty, precision ground cast iron bed and cast iron legs ensure stability and minimal vibration
  • Lever speed adjustment, 10 speeds: 600 - 2400 RPM
  • Quick lock/release levers for tailstock and headstock; 0 Degree, 60 Degree, 90 Degree, 120 Degree and 180 Degree headstock rotation
  • Includes: 6-Inch faceplate, MT#2 spur center, MT#2 live center and tool rest w/ swivel arm base

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The amazing Shop Fox W1758 lathe is one of the robust machines in the current market. With the iron cast construction, it eliminates all kinds of vibration problems created by the lathe. Thus, overall performance is top-notch.

To know more about its impressive features, please go through the below-mentioned breakdowns for elaborated details.

Sturdy Construction

There are hundreds of lathes in the market which lack one basic feature that is the solidity factor of the lathe. Herein, the Shop Fox W1758 is pretty much considered to be a mid-level tier in the lathe’s category.

It is made from a premium iron cast built, and it weighs 338 pounds, which is a must for eliminating vibration during woodturning.

As we know that the Shop Fox W1758 features ten variable speed controls when you are on the verge of doing very fast woodturning, and when the lathe is in full throttle, theoretically it should create quite a much vibration.

But no, the Shop Fox W1758 build is so strong and sturdy that it purges all the vibration.

Powerful Motors

Do you want to do woodturning for a prolonged time meeting the deadlines of your clients, but you had to stop because the lathe you are using gave up on you? Not in the case of Shop Fox W1758.

Want you to know why? It is because the motor in the lathe is of performance grade with 2 horsepower.

These motors can outperform any lathe’s motor in the current market without any hassle. The machine can provide 600 RPM to 2400 RPM for fine crafting and modification.

Variable Speed Controls

As I mentioned in our previous reviews that I tasted a few lathes in the earlier days (well, sure I didn’t buy them all) with a price range starting from $300 to $3000.

Now some of them are pretty good with a higher price tag, but the lower-priced lathes seem to lack a bit with having a less powered motor with one variable speed of two-three at best.

But after using Shop Fox W1758, I saw the difference. That being said, the unit has 10 different speed controls that will curve out the wood in a precise and customized way. So it’s a good one.

Also, anyone who is just starting to woodturning can finetune his/her skill with the Shop Fox W1758 as it a semiprofessional lathe.

Spindle with Tachometer

There is another great feature of the Shop Fox unit, which is the addition of a Tachometer in the lathe. It helps to show the user at what speed the spindle is spinning.

As it has ten different speed variations, at a different speed, the reading will change, and the tachometer will show the exact rpm of the lathe.

This way, a beginner woodturner can get a better understanding of the operation of the lathe. It gives the user the ultimate controlling power of the lathe.

Quick Lock and Release Option

Shop Fox’s research and development sector have thought about the customer’s efficiency and productivity in every aspect.

To make things more efficient, there is a lock and release option in the headstock and the tailstock for making the craft always steady as it is open for adjusting; making precision fitting adjustments.

Everything is just as simple as the flipping of the level for all the changes.

There is also a three-way adjustable tool rest with an extending option which gives extra support for turning the tools.

Out-Board Turning

When there is a change in the diameter of the stock greater than 12 inches in swing, an outboard turning is required as the stock is larger to fit in the lathe.

Shop Fox has made an awesome feature in the W1758 model which is the outboard turning.

Also in this feature, the headstock of the lathe can be angled in 90 degrees or 180 degrees for larger diameter pieces.

This means now you can create a wider selection of items that can do more than one regular size.


✅ Cast iron construction makes the lathe a very sturdy and solid built machine.
✅ It has ten variable speed settings for better customization.
✅ The quick-release and quick locking system are a pretty handy feature.


❌ The weight of the lathe is over 300 pounds which is a disadvantage if you are planning to move it around.
❌ The lowest RPM of the lathe is still quite a lot for a beginner’s perspective.

You can also read this article about the Rikon 70-100. I call it the cute little beast! Small wood lathe in size but with capacity at it’s best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the Shop Fox W1758’s RPM go lower than 600 rpm?
Unfortunately, no. It cannot go below 600 rotations per minute.

Question: What is the size of the spindle included with the lathe?
The unit features a 1″ by eight threads per inch.

Question: How does the lathe handle vibration?
The vibration created while woodturning is eliminated as the construction of the lathe is from Iron cast, and comparatively, it is quite heavier than conventional machines in the market.

So, you will not face any vibration.

Question: What is the diameter of the spindle?
The diameter of the spindle is 1”.

Wrapping Up

The Shop Fox W1758 is an overall great lathe with a very reasonable price point. Its construction with the iron cast has made it a solid structure.

From the construction to performance, everything seems to give you a satisfying impression while using the lathe. Everything is done smoothly with the help of its powerful 2 HP motor.

The operation is very easy, and to set up the device, no special expertise is required. You can do it by watching some Youtube videos.

A bench is also included with the setup, and if you want to change that, there are other options to go with it as well.

With all these features at a great price surely can boost your turning game overnight!

Hopefully, this Review has changed your views and perception of the outstanding lathe.

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      Yes the spindle is hollow to allow vacuum chucking. To your other question, as I don’t own this lathe now and never needed any coupler anyways so I am not quite sure. But I think you should be able to find one. Did you searched online?

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