Jet JWL 1440VSK Review: Why Should You Buy It?

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Charles Wilson

Do you want a wood lathe that is versatile as your crafting? Then the all-new Jet JWL 1440 VSK is a great lathe with features that can do the woodturning project without any hassle and any fail.

It is your lucky day because today’s review will give you some know-about of this impressive lathe under your radar.

Jet 1440VSK has a powerful motor that will surprise you even with the single horsepower of its size. Coming with installed iron cast legs, it boasts the ability to have variable speeds with an RPM range of 400 to 3,000.

Everything from variable speed control to the overall construction, this lathe is designed very professionally to motivate you in woodturning.

Let’s jump onto the main part of this session! Take a look at what it comes up with.

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Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review

"Mat white colored Jet-1440VSK Midi Wood lathe in a white background"
  • 14-1/2″ swing and 40″ between the centers
  • Motor: 1 HP, 115/230V, 1 phase
  • RPM: 400-3000 Variable
  • Sliding Headstock
  • Acme threaded tailstock
  • Indexing Position: 36
  • Outboard Turning: Yes
  • Spindle taper: #2MT
  • Spindle thread: 1” X 8 TPI RH
  • Swing over tool rest: 11”
  • Tool Rest: 14″
  • Weight 400 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 year

Solid Iron Cast Structure

Would not that be odd if you hear the lathe making a trembling sound right after you turned up the speed a little bit in the middle of your work?

I have seen such problems a lot of times while using lathes of a different brand. The Jet JWL 1400VSK has built-in legs attached to it in excellent form, giving the lathe a solitary characteristic.

"Faceplate and chisels hanging on the wall including a white wood lathe standing on the floor"

It is considered a heavyweight weighing about 352 pounds, which grabs the ground and never moves from its place.

No wonder this is a plus point for everyone.

Powerful Motor

For sure, it could have had a better serving with greater power. But don’t just get fooled by its amazing power capability for the included 1 horsepower motor.

Still, I would say for the price; it is the most efficient one in the market for this category.

If given a lower-powered motor, it might not have worked as efficiently as it does now.

It can go hour and hours of crafting without any hassle or disruption.

Variable Speed Control

The Jet JWL 1440VSK can have variable speed control. How to change the speed of the lathe, you may ask?

To get a nostalgic effect of older technologies, the company used knob-like regulators in the lathe, which resembles the knobs in an airplane.

I have seen many lathes of variable speeds, but this one has the ultimate customization power of the speed.

It has a range of 400 to 3,000 RPM and can be set to any desired RPM within the range.

You can craft accordingly and get more crafting techniques with the help of the classic knob system.

Sliding Headstock

Jet JWL 1440VSK features a 141/2-inch swing with a whopping 40 inches between the centers to better clear the crafting job involved.

Also, there is a 12-inch-long tool rest that needs repositioning a couple of times so that the long spindle is firm like the legs of the table.

The lathe’s headstock is not limited to just staying stationary, you can rotate it for outboard turning and bowl turning.

This can be a slide for better positioning of the crafting work for users.

Optional Bed and Better Reading Scale

Do you need a larger bed to work on?

Not to worry. The lathe offers to have a 40-inch centerpiece for the inboard wood crafting.

But there is an option for an even larger bed which can be extended to 60 inches.

A laser-cut scale is included in the lathe to get a better reading as you know it gets messy while in woodturning jobs.


  • The iron cast construction offers sturdy and vibration-less woodturning.
  • The variable-speed motor gives the user an ultimate customization option.
  • The 40-inch inboard working bed has the option to enlarge even in greater size.
  • It’s a true 1 horsepower motor.


  • The weight of the lathe is 353 pounds, which is a bit too heavy side.
  • So, moving around places is a difficult task to do.
  • The lowest RPM of the lathe is 400, which is still very high for beginners.
  • The price is pretty high for beginners who are just starting woodturning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the woodturning lathe’s motor do the reverse?
A. No, the motor only supports the front thrust.

Q. What is the weight of the Jet JWL 1440VSK?
A. The weight of the Jet JWL 1440VSK is 353 pounds according to manufacturers.

Q. What is the size swing over the bed, and what is the size of the swing over the tool rest base?
A. The size of the swing over the bed is 14-1/2 inches, and the swing over the tool rest base is 11 inches.

Q. What is the quill tapper type and how long does it travel?
A. The Quill Taper type is MT2 and has Quill travel of 4-1/4 inch.

Final Notes

Altogether, it is a semi-professional lathe suitable for beginners as well. The operations of the Jet lathe are relatively easier than the lathes in this category.

It may not be as powerful as other lathes I have seen earlier, but the Jet JWL 1440VSK does its job in a precise manner.

The knob that controls the variable speed is one of my favorite features; it gives me the vibe of using a device that believes in the user’s customization and skill.

The variable RPM range is good, but someone who is just starting woodturning can struggle because they may need RPM less than 400 to start with bowl turning.

But to conclude my Jet JWL 1440VSK review and change your perspective in the right way, I would say that all the features have been top-notch out of the box beside this drawback.