Are Bolton Lathes Any Good | A Detailed Dig Down

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One of the most versatile machines for metal handiworks is the metal lathes. An ideal lathe allows you to customize various metals into any desired dimensions smoothly, precisely, and with ease.

Depending on the size, a lathe can be used for simple DIY projects as well as any complex industrial jobs. A number of brands for metal lathes are available, and one of the well-known brands is Bolton Tools.

Before making a decision, it is wise to find out if Bolton lathes are worth it. For this reason, you can go through the article on Bolton lathes below.

So, let’s get started!

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Bolton Lathes Overview


Bolton Tools has grown over the market by manufacturing only top-notch metalworking machine tools like metal lathes, milling machines, CNC lathes and many more. Nevertheless, the specialty of this company is the metal lathe.

It is okay to get doubts after checking the price of the metal lathes produced by Bolton Tools. Their aim is to produce good quality products at an affordable price, and they have always managed to keep their word.

Many of the users have given good reviews about their products as it provides immense power and plenty of torque. The horsepower of almost all of their products is approximately around 750 to 800 hp.

You can choose from an array of products, according to your requirements and where you will work with them. They offer different lathe models including mini lathes, gunsmithing lathes, tool room lathes, and even combo lathe/mill.

The lathes offered by the Bolton Tools are either gear driven or belt-driven. For those of you willing to work for longer periods of time, gear-driven lathes are a recommendation. One of the most rated items of this company, which is gear driven, is the Bolton Tools Gear Head 12’x 24′ Metal Bench Lathe.

They are constructed in such a way that it maintains good performance and accuracy. However, some people have complained about durability issues.


What size of a lathe you require depends on the size of your project. If you opt for any handiwork at home, the mini-lathe will be an excellent choice. At the same time, a larger lathe is needed for industrial size works.

The Bolton lathes are available in all different sizes including small, medium and large, according to your needs. You can also check their website for further details.


The accuracy and the precision of your work depend on the capacity of your lathe. You can measure the capacity of a lathe in two dimensions which is the maximum length of the diameter; also called a swing and the distance between centers.

The Bolton lathes are designed to cover both of those dimensions as per the needs of the customers. To ensure which Bolton lathe to choose from, you to have to keep those factors in mind. They are:

Lathe Swing Capacity

This refers to the maximum size workpiece that can rotate without hitting the bed. Normally for almost all their lathes, the lathe swing over bed ranges from 320-450mm.

Distance Between the Centers

It indicates the maximum length of the workpiece that can be accommodated. The Bolton tools have distance between 600-800mm.

By measuring the size and diameter of your work, you can purchase any item from the Bolton Tools with the preferred swing capacity and distance between the centers. It is important because without the accurate size it will not give the desired results.


The purpose and the site of your work will determine what type of lathe weight you are going to choose.

It varies for different workplaces as for example; you have to choose a lighter lathe for your home uses whereas, for commercial or industrial usage, weight is not a factor as there is available manpower.

Both the options can be found with the Bolton lathes. The Bolton Tools CQ9332 weighs around 600lbs which is comfortable for garages or homes. On the other hand, there are other products which are heavier than the CQ9332.

The weight of the lathe also plays an important role in its stability. The more the weight, the stable your machine is.

Additional Accessories

If you want to tweak some changes with your lathes, Bolton lathes offer you wide ranges of optional accessories like chuck with mounting plates, faceplates or a stand with oil plate.

The best part is that these accessories are self-manufactured, and you can buy them from Bolton Tools without worrying about whether they would fit or not.


Some workers have raised an issue in the durability department while others had quite the opposite opinion. When researched, it was found out that the durability issue is mainly due to long hours of work.

On the other hand, those who did not use the machine for long hours did not present any complaints towards it. So, if you do not need to use this lathe for continuous work, then this will not be a problem.

Price Range

The Bolton lathes are well known for their unbelievable price range. They have managed to provide high-efficiency products at an affordable price.

A feat made possible with them providing direct factory pricing which does not require a middleman and therefore you can save when purchasing it from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lathe bore size?

It is one inch in size.

Why is it cheap?

It is because they provide the factory price rate.

Do they have a coolant system?

Yes, most of the products have an effective coolant system.

Can this machine cut threads?

Yes, they can cut both metric and standard threads according to the type of product you buy.

Final Thought

In my opinion, Bolton lathes are good options with their price and quality. I hope this article will give you an idea about the Bolton lathes. And whether you want it or not, that decision is completely up to you as only you know your specific needs and preferences.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Are Bolton Lathes Any Good | A Detailed Dig Down”

  1. I have the Q9322 12×29-in gearhead lathe and it is a piece of junk!
    It holds great accuracy and it will hold it all day long but the issues that I have is, it’s made so cheaply it’s mind boggling!
    Whenever I called to ask questions I was made to feel like an idiot!
    While running it e-clips fall off the ends of the shafts and the gears literally fall off! Trying to get it into gear is just a pain in the butt!
    The lead screw was so sharp it would cut you handling it there was nothing deburred! There is nothing of any quality inside the lathe! I had to take it apart literally two months after I got it to fix some issues with it! When I called the place I bought it from they gave me every run around they could to avoid my issues!
    If it’s cold in your shop it won’t run because it doesn’t like cold weather so I’m lucky if I can get one speed out of it to make a part until my shop warms up.
    I had to take the carriage apart to fix an issue with the carriage feed and when I took it apart it was pieces of gear teeth everywhere!
    The inside was full of casting sand.
    The components made to put it together were never quality control checked because everything is so sloppy and loose and it rattles so severely you can’t even hardly hear yourself think!
    I regrett buying it!

    1. Hey, Paul
      That really is awful! I assume the lathe you are addressing here is the CQ9332A. Well, that’s a heavy machine and I don’t know if that got factory defects.
      But whatever it is, there should’ve good backend support. I can understand your anger and frustration. I will try to send them an email regarding this.
      Let’s see what they say

  2. The lathe is a far cry from a machinist lathe! It is slow, weak and poorly appointed fro fit and finish. The chuck guard wont stay in the up position so it hits my arms regularly. The brake pedal only works if you step on it from the center toward the headstock! The whole right hand half will not turn off the lathe, let alone stop the spindle. The 56 tooth changeup gear was missing when we got the lathe so I cant cut a 12 pitch thread! This is a real problem for me. Over 3 years without any progress on this problem, no replacement gear, I cant even buy one!!

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